Welcome to the I-Lab.

The I-Lab offers you a digital platform for:

  • Storage of Research Data during your research
  • Long term storage as a comprehensive datapackage for at least 10 years after finishing your research project
  • Adding administrative metadata to your datapackage
  • Publishing your metadata in a data catalogue, thus enabling datadiscovery and, depending on the setting when publishing, access to the datapackage itself.

Using the I-lab enables you as a Researcher to:

  • Store your data in a safe and secured location
  • En- or disabling access to your data by colleagues
  • Storing different versions of your data as different archived datapackages
  • Adding administrative metadata to your dataset.
  • Making your datasets via its metadata discoverable via the I-Lab Catalogue
  • Retrieving a Persistent Identifier, that is an official reference to your data which you can use in publication.

The I-Lab supports you fully to fulfill rules and regulations with regards to good datamanagement set by the University of Utrecht and Research Funders like NWO and H2020.

For more details on some important topics:

If you want to start an I-lab usergroup, please contact the I-lab Datamanager.

For a Quick Start and how-to’s, please check the I-Lab online manual.